From our friends at Gray Duck: We are proud to bring you three flavors of what we know are the cleanest, most brightly flavored, balanced and completely un-junked seltzers on the market. How do we know this? After conducting over a year of market research, and tasting hundreds of seltzers, we developed a process of brewing and filtration that separates the taste of Gray Duck Spirited Seltzer from all others. Simply put, our seltzer is the most purely natural tasting drink of its kind…period!

With quality as our top priority we have developed a beverage with zero sugar, zero carbs, zero sulfites, 5% alcohol and only 95 calories. Our flavors include lime, tangerine and Bomba Juice (based on our popular vodka, strawberry and lemonade cocktail “Bomba Juice”, the official drink of the Minnesota Twins). Each ingredient is sourced locally and brewed/canned in Shakopee, MN at Gray Duck Brewing Company.